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The Gumball Challenge is an annual week-long philanthropic group project for Rice University’s Business 390: Strategic Management course. The goal is to raise as much capital and value possible for a charity of the students’ choosing.  18 bags of clothing were dropped off to the “HCC Closet” on Friday – February 12, 2019.  A $53 cash donation was also given at this time.

“We chose to donate to Houston Children’s Charity because we knew a clothing drive would be a fantastic way to get Rice students involved and we quickly realized HCC does such great and meaningful change in our community. It’s absolutely incredible how many programs exist within this charity and we really love the HCC Closet because it’s such a creative way to genuinely help families in need. For the week, we went door-to-door collecting gently used clothing and raising some money. We are excited to have also spread awareness regarding HCC and look forward to the growing relationship between students of Rice University and this great charity.”