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IMG_6756Kaitlin Travis, University of Houston Law Center student, enrolled at the C. T. Bauer College of Business was given a final project for the semester. The task on hand asked students to find an issue and build a leadership plan to address the issue using the tools they’ve learned throughout the semester. For her Leadership Development final project, Kaitlin chose to develop support and action for Houston Children’s Charity. She raised $800 to support two of our programs, “Back2School” and the “HCC Closet.” Kaitlin donated $400 to the annual “Back2School” project and partnered with her local Walmart (on Rice Avenue) to purchase over $400 worth of clothing for the “HCC Closet.” When asked about this project, Kaitlin replied: “I feel blessed to have been able to make an impact for the children in our community in this way and look forward to working with the HCC in the future.”

On behalf of the special children we serve, THANK YOU Kaitlin for your donations to both programs.