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Most of us think of the costumed heroes whose lore has long been cemented in the color splash pages of comic books – Spider-Man, Batman and Superman. These are characters with super human abilities and usually take on evil intergalactic threats from far away planets.

The dictionary, however, doesn’t define a hero in this way. A hero is specifically cited as a person admired for achievements and noble qualities; one who shows great courage.

At our Chariots for Children van distribution (this program offers safe and efficient transportation to families of disabled, wheelchair-bound children through handicapped-accessible vans) in 2018, Richard Fant, Co-Chairman of the Fant Foundation echoed the latter definition while citing each van recipient that day as a hero. In an emotional speech, Mr. Fant declared to them: “You guys are the real heroes. You get up every day and deal with issues that we can’t ever know that you’re dealing with…you’ve got [these] heroes as children. You’re heroes to us.” Indeed, they are heroes!

Chariots for Children heroes receiving vans in 2019 – Pictured Clockwise: Julie Gatica, Andres Perez, & Jermaine McKinley

But sometimes, no matter their powers, even Earth’s mightiest superheroes need help, too! And that help often comes from other heroes. It’s called a team-up!

 Several of our amazing partners have already graciously answered the call to team-up with our heroes by donating 10 vans to children and their families who need them on Wednesday, November 6th. At the time of this writing, however, 22 Houston area children are STILL wait-listed to receive handicapped-accessible vans and are still in need of daily transportation.

We’re looking for a hero to emerge and come to the aid of one of these 22 young heroes that need a helping hand and get at least one more child off of the wait-list.

If you, your family or organization are interested in becoming an HCC Van Hero to team-up with one of our Chariots for Children heroes in need, here’s what you need to know:

  • Donations can be completely anonymous, private, or publicly announced. The choice is yours!
  • A van donation can be from an individual, family, foundation or corporation.
  • Cost of each van to give the gift of mobility to one child: $36,000
If you wish your name or your organization’s name can be listed on the vehicle!

For more information, please contact Please put “Van Hero” in the subject line. Monetary donations can also be made here:

Our next Chariots for Children van distribution is happening on November 6th, 2019.

Pictured Clockwise: Onyedikachi Onukwugha, Alejandro Gatica with Julie Gatica

Partial van donations are also welcome and appreciated. Please donate here. Thank you for your support for our Chariots for Children heroes!