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Restless for the Cause

"I want to be able to help. God blessed me with talent to be able to play this game, and I'm sure there are a lot of kids out there with plenty of talent that are not able to have a bed to rest. I want to be able to bring that, and be able to help them have a good night's sleep." - Carlos Correa

               Carlos' goal is to buy 2000 beds for Houston Children's Charity

Astros SS/ROY, Carlos Correa joins Houston Children's Charity's "A Better Night's Sleep" program to ensure that no child will wait for a bed. Your "Restless For The Cause" donation will help eliminate the waiting list by securing additional beds in 2016. Too many of Houston’s children do not have beds and are sharing beds or worse, sleeping on the floor. An opportunity for A Better Night’s Sleep is provided through HCC's monthly bed distributions. This program provides mattresses, foundations, bed frames, sheets, pillows and blankets to children in the Houston Area in need.

The Carlos Correa "Restless For The Cause" Initiative is a per hit monetary pledge supporting Houston Children's Charity's "A Better Night's Sleep" program. 

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