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“Our kids are everybody’s kids”

Improving the quality of life for Houston children since 1997


Archive for March 2014

Already Thinking of Next School Year

Tracy Fredrick, an owner of ColorPaq, started off our “Back 2 School” program early by donating  over 2,900 ColorPaq backpacks!  WOW!!!!! The first and only “Color Changing Backpack” for children of all ages. The color of the backpack will change by the touch of your hand or by the change in temperature and back to the…

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“Spring Cleaning”

Brownie Troop 16479 did a “Spring Cleaning” clothing drive and donated all items to Houston Children’s Charity’s HCC Closet.  These young ladies focused on the collection of children’s clothing.  It just so happened that on the donation drop-off Tuesday, our HCC Closet was assisting local families.  Troop 16479’s donation were put out on the racks and shelves bringing smiles…

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