HCC Awards 13 Vans Through Chariots for Children Program

Since 1996, Houston Children’s Charity has awarded wheelchair-accessible vehicles and passenger vans to deserving families and agencies with a similar mission in the Greater Houston Area through its “Chariots for Children” program.

This year, the Chariots for Children program received an unprecedented amount of support. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, HCC’s CEO, President & Executive Director, Laura Ward, raised nearly $500,000 to distribute 12 wheelchair-accessible vehicles to families of disabled children in need and one 12-passenger van to Southwest Glen Mission on June 7.

One special sponsor, Jana & Richard Fant of The Fant Foundation, sponsored SIX vehicles! In addition to that, the following sponsors made donations to supply 6 more families and 1 organization with safe transportation: Adaptive Driving Access & Briggs Equipment, J.B. Bartholomai / Edna Meyer-Nelson, BMW of West Houston, Melissa, Brad & Scarlette Juneau, Klein Oak High School, Stewart Title and Valero Foundation.

Chairman of the Board, Tilman J. Fertitta, proudly introduced each van recipient alongside Laura Ward as sponsors presented the keys to their family or organization’s new vehicle.

In addition to his time, Tilman also graciously provided the venue, Willie G’s Post Oak, along with a delicious lunch for more than 100 attendees. The vehicles were awarded through a partnership with Adaptive Driving Access.

Recipients of this program gain a safe and efficient way to travel as a family not only to much-needed treatment and doctor’s appointments, but to after-school activities and adventures that were once unattainable.

Since its inception, Chariots for Children has awarded 90 passenger vans, 51 wheelchair accessible vehicles, 3 box trucks, 1 car, and 2 vehicle modifications to 94 agencies and 53 individual families.

In the crowd were: Maria Moncada Alaoui, Gary Becker & Tama Lundquist, Tracy & Harry Faulkner, Blayne Fertitta, Michael Fertitta, Paige Fertitta, Gina Gaston, Rachael Gordon, Grant Guthrie, Maggie & Don Henderson, Tommy Kuranoff, Danice & Randy Lowry, Jack, DeeDee & Wallis Marsh, Youval Meicler, Dr. Lois Moore, Bob Ogle, Carol Sawyer, Michael Smith, Kristina Somerville, Dave Ward, Dancie Ware and Dr. Bob Wilkins & Dr. Mary Ann Reynolds Wilkins.